Life is deep and wide. Come and see…

Life and meaning surrounds us, though we can often lose sight of it. Thankfully, there are those things that come along every once in a while to open our eyes. Fingerprints of God seeks to do this by taking a closer look at elements of creation that have wooed us since childhood–fire, rivers, wild winds, storms and rainbows, and lights in the sky, and looking into the Bible to reveal the spiritual parallels and principles that each carry in our everyday lives. Life is deep and wide. Come and see.

Non-fiction, December 2010, 85 pages soft-cover, $6.00 ISBN 978-0-9883321-1-9



“While many words have been written to describe The Word, Brett Champan in his new book, Fingerprints of God, takes us on a splendid tour of nature’s beauties and dangers in order to illustrate deep life principles that concern us all. Brett limns out personal scenes and vignettes from his faith journey and work experiences and combines them with a rich spiritual backdrop. Stepping vicariously into the author’s treks and journeys along striking, pristine hiking and horseback-riding trails, the reader discovers rippling brooks, warming campfires and distant, stirring winds used as nature metaphors to illuminate a greater purpose and calling to the Creator.”
—Adam Spurgeon Zens, Public Librarian, Wisconsin

“Fingerprints of God – Taking a Closer Look is the perfect title for Brett Champan’s book. I read the book last night, and when I woke up this morning, I immediately opened my drapes to watch the swans on our lake. I want to see the sunset tonight. I will enjoy a thunderstorm from a different perspective from now on, and not fear the sounds. The author writes from his heart and shares personal accounts of working with youth and travels in the wilderness. It is so helpful to read a book that weaves in the biblical reference to wind, water and fire with actual events we all experience in our day to day walk on this earth. I will truly look at things differently.”
—Brenda Jewell-Swartz, Connecticut

"I was brought in right at the beginning of the chapter Lights in the Sky and was easily led to deeper places as it progressed. I am thoroughly excited to read the rest..."
—Josh Weaver, Recording artist & worship leader, Chicago

"Great read... I found the chapter River of Life to be particularly compelling."
—Steve Sanford, D. Min, Nicolet Bible Institute

"Truly a wonderful book. Each chapter I felt "this is my favorite," then on to the next one and the same response."
—Ardelle, Resident of Eau Claire, WI