True love endures all seasons…

Earl Timmings is a hardworking young man graced with deep character and a zeal for life—and fishing. But nothing would be the same for him after stepping into the old country store one spring afternoon and meeting Ruth, a beautiful girl from Iowa who would steal his heart. Weeks later, when Ruth returns to the small town for good, a sweet summer romance begins. But when their relationship blossoms into something more, World War II threatens to cut it short. As Earl ships out for the Pacific front, they will soon discover that few things ever stay the same.

Join Earl and Ruth as they ride together through the storms of war, life, and love.

Fiction, May 2016, 236 pages soft-cover, $14.00 ISBN: 978-0-9883321-2-6



“Love stories such as this are too rare – heartfelt, tender, real and full of honest emotions of many kinds.”
—Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer

“I really enjoyed reading this book, and it reminded me a lot of my grandparents. I think that that type of love is rare and inspirational. Ruth and Earl built a relationship based on friendship, respect, and unconditional love, and their relationship remained steadfast through the years and challenges… One of my patients was talking about death one time, and talked about leaving her husband behind. She said that as long as her husband was alive, a part of her heart would remain on earth with him. This is the type of connection that I saw in Ruth and Earl.”
—Kelli, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Indianapolis, IN

“The author has a rare gift for accurately conveying both emotions and physical details surrounding important events and the impact of life events, whether positive or negative. The author realistically describes the pleasures, joys, sorrows, and challenges which two people who are in love faced as they built a life together based on religious values and solid principles… The author succeeded in writing a unique book which takes the reader back in time to an era which seemed simpler, more gentle and kinder, although it was fraught with danger and uncontrollable events which produced life-altering changes on both of them. This book is most highly recommended.”
—Erika Borsos, Vine Voice

“The author does a great job of grabbing your attention from the beginning with this very sweet and innocent romance. What struck me as I started reading this book was how well it was written not only grammatically but also in the author's use of descriptive words and phrases. As the reader it made me feel, for example, as if I was sitting right at the dining table with the family. Wonderful character development.”
—Liz, Top 100 Reviewer

“The style of writing is reminiscent of the writers of the late 1800s and early 1900s, such as Jane Austen, George MacDonald and Charles Dickens… What kept me reading was the depth of Earl’s simple spirituality, his love of his dog and horse companions, and his simple approach to life… A less-abled writer might have failed in crafting such a novel that would hold most readers. Here and there were “precious lines” such as “Come, yesterday, come, for a time.” I was deeply touched by those."
—Natiuk Top 100 Reviewer

“Excellent read, and extremely emotional. It touched on so many issues of the heart that life offers and ultimately points the reader towards a higher power. Typically, I stay away from books that are romantic but this was so much more. The author does an excellent job describing the Northwoods, the sights and smells. You get completely lost in the story of it all. While Earl & Ruth are the main characters, Earl and Danny's relationship is my favorite. Anyone who has a dog can relate. Well done on a book you can’t put down."
—Caiti, NE Wisconsin

“Great read. This was a strong and emotional story that really pulls on one's heartstrings. Strongly recommend for any reader of any level looking to enjoy a good love story.”
—Anonymous Customer

“A Wisconsin classic. Inspiring, wholesome book. Descriptive writing allowed you to picture what you were reading.”
—Elaine, Illinois